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Our modern life runs fast, its tempo is overwhelming and the pressure is extremely stressful. Always busy, always dealing with new challenges of career, business and politics. But sometimes the moment comes when the time stops, freezes as though you are suddenly left alone with the voice of your own soul. The modern world gives the illusion of satisfaction, all of your needs seem to be fulfilled; it might look like you have everything. Nevertheless it turns out you lack something special. And this is the time when you are ready to uncover the mysteries our Moscow Escort Site is happy to share with you.

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You don’t even realize being preoccupied by this mysterious feeling the nature of which you yourself do not understand. This is the desire to go beyond the mundane world with its eternal cycle of cares and concerns. This is the desire of pleasures beyond the horizon of possible. In ancient times the access to the divine pleasures was not so hard to gain. Ancient Egypt and Sumer, Babylon and Phoenicia, Ancient Greece and India were famous for their beautiful sorceress who devoted their lives to mastering the sacrament of supernatural pleasures. Beautiful priestess received their secret skills from the hands of the gods and they gave their pleasures only to the bravest and worthy men. For example, the priestesses in the temples of Cybele-Astarte could give heavenly pleasures received from the hands of the goddess only to the men who would have the strength to break the strong nets – the only thing that served them as the clothes and barely covered the beautiful maiden bodies. You can say it’s just a fairy tale, but the art of ancient priestesses did not disappear in the course of time. Beautiful girls who followed the mysterious call of their nature to give the pleasure are here on My Moscow Escort Site. And you can be sure those beauties know the way to heaven. There is no doubt that you are the one – the man who can tear apart the nets around the heated bodies of beautiful priestess.

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What makes Russia mysterious? First of all it is the mysterious women, each and every one of them keeping a unique mystery. Russian women guarded the secrets of the female nature for centuries. It’s no wonder that the incomprehensible soul of Russian women have always possessed this burning fire of unearthly passion and desire, the same fire that was burning in the eyes of the ancient priestesses of pleasure. The good old times of Russian Empire are famous for the unforgettable atmosphere of candle lit salons where men enjoyed long evenings in the company of the finest and most delicate women. In the arms of Russian women many foreigners had forgotten the hell and the paradise. Once they discovered this pleasure, they sought to return again and again. It was the power they couldn’t resist. This is the lost heaven and here we are to help you and reveal the undisclosed. My Moscow Escort is ready to give you the memories which will stay in your heart marked with this well-known expression: "From Russia with Love."

To know Russia is to know Russian women. To take a glance at the astonishing faces of our goddesses you are welcome at our gallery.

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